Beauty Look

I apologize for posting this so late; I’ve been sick the past couple of days.

My recent Pinterest attempts were fun, but not without struggle. Last week I decided to go all out and do two different pins to make one look. My best friend and I were having a girls day and we decided it would be fun try out some hair and makeup tutorials.

Now, I must admit that I’m not the best at doing hair. I’ve always struggled with the whole concept of volume and teasing. It never seems to last more than an hour, but this look was adorable and fairly simple to achieve. One of the greatest things about this pin was that the stylist who modeled and shared this look was a local stylist here in Reno. #bonuspoints for this pin.


Teased Pony: my attempt at the fun and messy pony tail.

From my perspective, a good hair day isn’t quite complete without a good makeup day as well. While hair is not my forte, makeup is something that I enjoy quite a bit. As an artist, I find joy in the fact that doing makeup is like working on a new a painting. I get to be as creative as I wish, and I can easily create a new look everyday. I recently became a makeup artist at the spa I work at, so I have been having a lot of fun with makeup.

The look we decided to go for was a more dramatic and bold look.


Alyssa rarely wears makeup so this was a drastic change for her, and me. She was an entirely new woman with her fabulous hair and makeup. (Although, I must say, she is gorgeous with or without all the glitz and the glam.)



I deem this pin a success!


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